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Our Mission

Founded Late 2021, Brewed Engagement Extended Reality (BEER) Laboratory (Labs) is an enthusiastic interactive software development laboratory that focuses on researching and developing the latest in brewed fun and engagement!
Whether it be console/pc video games, interactive experiences or industrial applications in the XR space, we’re happy to serve up a pint! 

What is XR?

XR is the general term for Extended Reality, encompassing:

  • Virtual Reality (VR, Where you see only the amazing virtual world)
  • Augmented Reality (AR, Where you can see cool stuff ontop of the real world)


You’ve likely seen the most common Augmented Reality experiences on Mobile Phone devices (Such as Pokemon Go). However, they’re not the only medium.

AR Head Worn displays are much like your VR headsets, except you can see the content directly embedded into the real world!

How we get there?

We upskill our games and entertainment designers-to-be on building games with heart. These skills are then further distilled to become XR and Veteran Software Engineers. We also offer routes for specialist study into XR Research.

What makes us special?

We are developers with heart, closely engaging with our industry connectors as we brew our experiences to perfection!

We only produce content that is enjoyable by all, makes a meaningful impact on our future, or helps bring humanity together. Quality and excitement are our primary goal!

Got something exciting you want to see become reality? Let us brew it in house for you!

Recent Press

Here is Dr. Damo flexing BEER’s latest achievement of receiving “BEST GAME” award from the South Australian Screen Awards in 2021. You can clearly see all the tears of joy he’s emoting passionately taken by a likely-starving photographer.

Brew Masters

🏆 Meet some of our talented brew masters! 🏆

Dr. Damien Rompapas

Founder / Director

Dr. Damien Rompapas is an excited, pragmatic software engineer with 20 years of experience. His core interests are XR Research and Game Dev

Lim Damien

Chief Operations Officer

Lim Damien is an expert in management and operations, with over a decade of experience in managing large scale deployment of hardware and software solutions

Dr. Daniel Griffiths

Computer Vision Research

Daniel specializes in Computer Vision technologies, and is keenly assisting with the development of Project Esky, BEER's internal XR framework while developing his Computer Graphics skills

Dr. Aaron Mevielle-Smith

Computer Vision Research

Aaron is long time computer vision and electronic hardware expert with an extended background in film and television

Marty Paynter

Software Engineer

Marty Paynter is a Junior Software engineer learning full stack development, from hardware, to front end!

Inusha Perrera

Mechatronics Engineer

Inusha is a mechratonics masters student, learning about the wonderful world of XR technology and is heavily involved in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Xuan Tien Pham

Game Developer

Xuan Tien Pham is a witty, energetic software engineer with a focus on game development and interactive experiences.

Yi Fu

Senior Artist

Yi is a veteran in 2D and 3D art, helping BEER on some of the hard-yakka cinematics and overall look-and-feel for the content we produce!

William Copley

Full Stack & XR Development

William Copley is actively learning XR development under Dr. Damo's tutelage, and assists with full-stack development!

Lachlan Richards

Game Developer

Lachlan Richards is a budding Game Development student learning the ropes under Dr. Damo!

Vincent Ta

2D & 3D Artist

Vincent Ta is a creative, communicative, and detailed 2D and 3D artist, he drew all the shit post damos you see on our site!

Andre Stefanek

Game Developer

Andre Stefanek is a budding Game Development student learning the ropes under Dr. Damo!

Advisory Board

🏆 Meet the team helping Dr. Damo brew BEER to perfection! 🏆

Stephen Dinehart IV

Narrative & Games Advisor

Stephen Dinehart the IV coined the term 'Narrative Design'. Working on blockbuster titles such as the F.E.A.R games series, and Marketing Campaigns such as Universal Studios' amusement park rides. He advises on the narrative and entertainment design of the games BEER Labs produces.

Kimal Singh

Business Direction

Kimal Singh is the driving force behind NDE Solutions, one of Australia's fastest growing companies, with a focus on non-destructive testing. He advises Dr. Damo on the overall running of the business and the future direction of BEER Labs.

Andy Callaghan

Marketing Director

Andy Callaghan is the driving force behind NDE Solutions' Marketing Push, one of Australia's fastest growing companies, with a focus on non-destructive testing. He advises Dr. Damo on the marketing strategy and client relations for BEER Labs.